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Innovative Products for Color-Coded Handbells

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You'll can purchase these colorful and exciting instruments by clicking the "Where to Buy Link"

KidsPlay Brand Set of 8 Color Coded Handbells

RB108... Price?


Top quality construction and accurate intonation make this 8 Note Handbell Set the best value available. Bell section is made of metal for nice clear tone. C-c range, each of the 8 metal bells is marked with the proper note and number to help children learn the musical scale. Five inches tall, the long handles enable players to grasp the bells securely.

KidsPlay Brand Set of 5 Chromatic Add-On Handbells

RB108C... Price?

This set of 5 bells will complete your RB108 set of 8 bells into a complete one octave chromatic scale, opening the door to a great many new songs! Colors are different from the RB108 set. Features the same quality construction and intonation as the RB108. Bell section is made of metal for nice clear tone. The handles are black so that the bells are easy to distinguish from the RB108 set.
(Also available as part of RB118 set which includes RB108 and RB108C)
KidsPlay Brand Set of 7 Extended Range Handbells

RB108EX... Price?


This 7 note add on will extend your 13 note chromatic set allowing you to play even more songs! (Includes Low A, A#, B & High C#, D, D#, E) Bell section is made of metal for nice clear tone.  (Also available as part of RB118EX set which includes RB108, RB108C and RB108EX.)
KidsPlay Brand Set of 13 Chromatic Handbells

RB118... Price?


This 13 note set is a combination of the RB108 & RB108C sets, making a set of 13 chromatic bells from C to C.
KidsPlay Brand Set of 20 Chromatic Handbells

RB118EX... Price?

  This 20 note set is a combination of the RB108, RB108C & RB108EX sets, making a set of 20 chromatic bells from low A to high E.  This extended range enables you to perform a great variety of music including music that you arrange and adapt yourself.
KidsPlay Brand Set of 8  Deskbells

RB109... Price?


New 8 Note Deskbell Set features bright colors and correct intonation. Sure to be a hit with kids of all ages! Each individual note in the C-c diatonic set includes the name of note and number making it possible to easily play hundreds of songs. Bell section is made of metal for nice clear tone.