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Card Sets and Accessories

Product #LRCS30  ColorStaff 28" x 28" Fabric Staff


This 28 ” x 28” fabric staff can be held by hand or hung up using the included rope holder.  It is an excellent tool for introducing the music staff to young students.  The set includes 96 felt circles which match the colors of KidsPlay brand handbells and deskbells.  Each felt circle has a hook and loop style fastener so it can easily be placed on and removed from the fabric staff.  96 circles are included in all, with 24 red circles to match the C bells and 12 each of the other colors to match the remaining notes of the C major scale. (D=orange, E=yellow, F=green, G=turquoise, A=blue, B=purple.)  Bell ringers can easily follow along the staff watching for their color to appear.  The director may point to the melody or chords using their finger or any pointing device.  Use a second ColorStaff for longer songs!  For ages 3 and up.


-Use to direct melody or chords!   
-Colors match KidsPlay brand handbells nad deskbells.  
-Use a second ColorStaff for longer songs. 
-Easy to use hook and loop style fasteners.
-Excellent tool for introducing the staff to young students.


Product #LRCS18 ColorStaff Junior 14" x 18" Fabric Staff

This convenient smaller size ColorStaff(18 inches by 14 inches) fits on most music stands or can be held easily with one hand. Includes 96 felt circles which match the colors of KidsPlay brand handbells and deskbells. Each felt circle has a hook and loop style fastener so it can easily be placed on and removed from the fabric staff. Great for learning both melodies and chords and for introducing the concept of the music staff.

Product #LR31CS  3 in 1 Card System (Kodaly, Recorder Fingerings, KidsPlay Handbells)


This versatile set of 8 cards is an excellent resource for any classroom music teacher. Cards are printed on heavy card stock and measure 5.5" x 8.5". The front side shows Kodaly (Solfege) hand signs with color coding to match KidsPlay brand handbells. The back side shows soprano recorder fingerings along with the note name and staff position. These cards may be used for a variety of puposes including practicing your Kodaly hand signs, directing melodies using Kodaly hand signs, teaching recorder fingerings, directing melodies played on recorders, directing melodies played on color-coded handbells, teaching position of notes on the staff and showing the relation of hand signs, recorders and handbells. Cards can all be placed in the optional holder (product #LRCH8,) which holds exactly 8 cards, or they can be placed in the card holder according to the intervals being learned and/or the notes being played on the handbells or recorders.

Product # LRMC96  Set of 96 Cards for Playing & Conducting Melodies                                              


Appropriate for preschool through early elementary, this handy card set is printed to match the RB108 handbells and RB109 deskbells. You'll get 96 cards (12 of each note) with the a photo of the bell, the note name, and note number printed on the card. By preparing a stack of cards in advance, you'll be able to direct simple melodies by turning through the cards in sequence. You'll be amazed at how such young children can play a melody using these cards! Many of the melodies in the RB7014 and RB7015 books are playable using this set of cards. Cards are printed on heavy card stock and measure 4.25" by 5.5".

Product # SP2389  Set of 7 Cards for Directing and Playing Chords


Includes C,F,G,G7,Am,Dm, and Em chords, and provides an excellent introduction to the chord playing method. This set can be used successfully with many of the songs included in RB7014 8 Note Bell Songs and RB7015 More 8 Note Bell Songs books. chord cards are color coded to be compatible with the Kidsplay RB108 Handbells and RB109 Deskbells.
Product # SP2390  Set of 36 Cards for Directing and Playing Chords


These cards enable bell ringers to identify and play chords easily. While they are not designed for any particular set of music, but rather for any songs that have chords notated, they can be used successfully with the SP2391 Christmas Carols For Bells book and the SP2392 Special Occasions for Bells Book as well as the RB7014 and RB7015, 8 Note Bell Songs Books. All 12 major, minor and dominant chords are included so they can be used with an incredible variety of music. The chord cards are color coded to be compatible with the Kidsplay Handbells and Deskbells.
Product # LRCH8  Card Holder for Color-Coded Cards


This handy card holder was custom manufactured to fit up to 8 of the color coded cards for directing and playing chords. (Order #SP2389 or #SP2390). You may hold the card holder with one of your hands, attach it to a music stand using a clip, or hang it up using the two grommets. After you determine the chords needed for a song, place the cards into the holder through the open slots. The bell ringers can see the bells through one side, while the conductor can see the chord names from the other. Simply point to the proper chord at the moment the chord is to be played. Since all the chords for the song are visible, this holder will help your ringers to remember if their bell is used in a given song. You’ll find this device particularly useful for songs which have more than 3 chords or chords that change quickly.  Important note for owners of the original Little Ringers laminated cards:  Since this card holder was manufactured for the new SP2389 & SP2390 cards by Sweet Pipes, you will need to trim off about 1/8 of an inch of the top or bottom of your laminated cards in order to fit them into this card holder.

Cases for KidsPlay Handbells, Deskbells and Combined Bells


The new KidsPlay bell cases make storing and transporting bells easier than ever! The heavy-duty nylon material is virtually indestructible! A variety of sizes are available for handbells, deskbells and combined bells.

Colored Markers for Color Coding Melody Parts


For color coding your music to play melodies, we recommend purchasing a set of colored markers such as the Crayola Super Tips.  This set of 20 markers has a close match to each of the bell colors and has a fine tip which helps you to circle notes clearly.  These sets are available at many department stores, school supply stores, etc..   They sell for about $5.95.

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